Cliffs of Dover - Blitz

Dynamic Singleplayer Release 7

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New feature: Transfer to squadron.

This will also change the mission caption indicating the new squadron.
(this will also fix the bug with corrupt mission file when forced to new squadron due to losses or historical events)

While at it a minor feature has been added to server info window showing the new day and it's date along with the current airfield.

(notes below applies)
Cliffs of Dover - Blitz

Dynamic Singleplayer Release 6

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To reduce losses from AI taxi/takeoff 2nd flight will now air-start
Also players using airstart from settings will now count as "player did take off" so campaign proceeds.
(notes below applies)

AAR from RAF 1.Sqn at Hawkinge
Got injured intercepting a He-111 formation and had to turn home early.
Suddenly I had those characteristic "double" tracers passing by and soon that Bf109E got me.
Resulting in lost ships and as such 100 oct for 5 days.
Next mission went better and I got home to Hawkinge in safe manners.

Cliffs of Dover - Blitz (Team Fusion 4.5)

Dynamic Singleplayer Release 5

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(notes below applies)
Cliffs of Dover (Team Fusion)

Dynamic Singleplayer Release 4

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Fly as a British Section Leader in a Flight of RAF 54 Squadron (Hornchurch) from Satellite airfield Rochford.
(As of R4 other options are available out of the box, no manual file copying this time)

After each mission, the mission file and briefing will be updated showing current status and move randomly 1 to 3 days ahead.

In general every three days will give each RAF Squadron a new plane and each shot down will in average be lost at all other squadrons too.

Each convoy ship sunk by Luftwaffe delays shipments of 100 octane fuel forcing you to fly on 'normal' 87 oct. fuel for a few days.

Chain Home Radar detects incoming German formations at 85 miles at altitude and if destroyed the Observer Corps will detect formations near coast.

Airfields bombed will not serve CAP flights.

Ports and Docks bombed will delay 100 octane fuel and aircraft production 1 day.

Industrial areas bombed will delay aircraft production 5 days.

Victory Conditions for RAF is met at anytime RAF outnumbers Luftwaffe or if Luftwaffe strength is lower that 3:1 by end of October.
(but you may proceed to fly the mission well into 1941)

Dynamic Singleplayer

This is a rather unusual mission as both the mission file (mis) and briefing file is updated at the end of each mission flown.
To see the new status in the mission selection you need to back out one step extra, or just click fly and you will see the new status inside mission selected.
Along with those two *.cs and *.mis files there is a *.ini file containing the current status of the Battle.
Details about the ini file is found at the top of that very file so have a look if interested to alter some data.

Improvements R4

When flight lead (RAF) calls out "Let's go and get them" he will head for the targets rather then wait until close.
All CAP flights will intercept the incoming formation once Chain Home Radar detects them (as in prev. versions, earlier flying high and much later flying low and sometimes detection is done by Royal Observer Corps once the formation reach the coast)
All versions (Luftwaffe and Corpo Aereo Italiano not really tested) now available without manual file copying.


If you ever want to reset the whole mission for whatever reason, just remove the ini file and start the mission.
As you enter cockpit there will be a message that the files have been restored and you should now have a new fresh ini-file set for 10 July 1940 again.
Now quit the mission and return to the main menu (or the game will still show you old information, but the files are fresh in case you just start it up again without going back to the main menu)


The German strikes will loosely follow the historical dates so expect more attacks on convoys and ports in the beginning and coastal targets there after (ports and CH Radar stations as well as coastal airfields) moving to 'Adler Tag' by 24th Aug 1940 when far more airfields will be targeted all over the battle area and finally moving in over London trying to destroy the industrial areas.
But despite historical correctness the targets will be selected somewhat on previous missions to keep the over all pressure on RAF Fighter Command.


Put this folder or the files in "My Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD\missions\Single" or any there nearby folder.
Open your conf.ini and confs.ini to add "scriptAppDomain = 0" as shown:

Not really sure this is needed in TF 4.312 but to be on the safe side - you'll notice if no flights are spawned

AirWarfare multiplayer Release 1

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Battle of France 1940
Includes french liveries for Hurricane, Spitfire and Bf-110 to represent Bloch 152, D.520 and Potez 631

Battle of Britain 1940
The bigger version also having Chain Home Radar to call fighters to intercept detected formations

Battle of Britain 1941
Copy of 1940 but RAF fighters are more prone to fly Sweep over CAP
Uses most "Late" versions and the Beaufighter

'AirWarfare' mission series is an attempt to recreate CTI/Warfare from ArmA for IL-2 Blitz.
Side reaching 100 score first will win the battle.
Once in cockpit use the mission menu (TAB 4) to control assets such as launching a bomber strike on nearby targets or defend a nearby airfield creating CAP flight or AAA battery.
Selecting target will show targets sorted from your position and the same goes for selecting Squadron.

You will start with 3 credits, enough to launch 3 bomber strikes (one-at-a-time) or one escorted strike and one AAA battery.
Each target area can be identified by a Barrage Balloon at 700m
Once a strike reach its target area a screen message will tell you.
When your strike flight leave the target area you will get a second message and now you're free to launch another mission.

Flying a fighter you will get a small flight of 2 to 4 bombers and as a bomber pilot you will see a bigger 6 to 9 bomber formation.
Selecting a CAP will give you 3 or 4 fighters (Italians and early RAF fly 3-VIC*).
Selecting a Sweep will give you 6 or 4 fighters (Italians and early RAF fly 2x3-VIC*).

You will earn 2 new credits from your strike hitting target, also your side will earn 1 score each 1000lb/454kg delivered on target.
Landing your plane will give your side 1 score and if damaged you can receive up to 5 extra score (player receives 1 credit too).

To keep in mind:
Your bomber-formation will airstart, see to get airborne and close to the airbase you plan to call them from if you plan to join/escort them.
Bomber escort flight will be removed along with the bombers on RTB.
You may only have 1 CAP flight at a time (active until all planes lost).
Fighter Sweep goes by bomber rules, once they leave target area you may call a new one.

* RAF 74 Sqn flew FingerFour under 'Sailor' Malan