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24th April 2018

Cliffs of Dover - Blitz
Dynamic Singleplayer Release 7

New feature: Transfer to squadron.
(this also fixes the bug when moving squadron getting corrupt mission file)

7th April 2018

Cliffs of Dover - Blitz
Dynamic Singleplayer Release 6

To reduce losses from AI taxi/takeoff 2nd flight will now air-start.
Players using airstart from settings will now count as "player did takeoff" so campaign proceeds.

29th March 2018

End of Career in IL-2 BoS

Our whole flight was annihilated attacking a german airfield.
Regiment was cut in half in one single mission but what the remaining 6 pilots and their planes will endure is not for us to see.

17th March 2018

Continuing Career mode for IL-2 BoS

Generating new day into 26/8 1942 we (811th ShAP) get another 2 sorties.
As seen, me (Maxim Efremov) will participate in the afternoon strike on germans crossing a river.
But first I have to "Proceed" and let the engine solve the first mission.

The airfield attack cost us a plane and two pilots wounded.
Next up is the afternoon strike and this time there is only 5 of us flying.

With two fairly long legs, 12 min and 14 min each I will get to enjoy the scenery.
Overflying a site of somekind we may expect AAA but at 1000m altitude we should be ok.

Take off, waiting for comrade to start rolling.

Yet again we overfly the smoking ruins of Stalingrad.

Halfway 2nd leg we meet our escort (top picture).

Getting close our lead starts evasive manouvers and soon I see this german cross our path.
Listening to escort engaging we seem to stay clear of Luftwaffe trouble.

Reaching target area we soon identify the river crossing assembly.

My first move is to aim for the bridge and put the two FAB-100 on target.
To some surprise I actually hit and a message of success pop up (not shown on screenshot obviously).

My flight AI still continues the attack and I join them with a second try with my 23mm.

Third attempt looks like a few good hits too.
During another attempt I see one Sturmovik hit the ground just next to the target area.
Not sure if anyone has been hit by the nearby enemy fighters I start to think it's time to RTB.
Soon enough I see the IL-2 infront of me break off an attack and assume we're heading home.

Only seeing two of us heading north-east I notice one other guy joining us.

Just a minute or so after entering the last leg we pass the battle torn Stalingrad area again.

As lead calls out request to land those flares starts to pop again.

For once I manage to register some good hits.

Even awarded a medal for courage.

We lost Eugene Sysoev and his plane (probably the one I saw hit the ground) but did pretty well overall.

2nd June 2017

8th October 2016

IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Singleplayer Dynamic Mission R4

Download (1.9MB)

18th January 2015

IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Singleplayer Dynamic Mission R2

Download (1.3MB)

23rd December 2014

IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Singleplayer Pack

Download (2.7MB)

Bonus mission (73KB) 37: Monday November 11th 12:00 46 Sqn (Corpo Aereo Italiano Fiat BR.20M bombers attack on Harwich)

Circus mission (68KB) 38: 38: January 10th 1941 12:00 66 Sqn (Bomber Command 114 Squadron sends 6 Blenheim bombers to strike the Supply Depot in Guines Forest Area)

27th September 2014

Added West German Army to BIS Warfare CWR2 Eilte.

26th August 2014

Download Mission Pack

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